11 + Admissions Timeline


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Overview of Steps 

Entry into leading schools is highly competitive and early preparation is key to providing your child with the best chances of success.  If you are not already set on the most appropriate senior school for your child, your research should begin at the start of Year 5.  At this time your child should also begin to build on their already acquired subject knowledge in English, Mathematics, and Science to ensure that they are fully prepare by the January of Year 6.

School visits to your shortlisted schools can take place around September of Year 6. This is also when your child should begin exam preparation in readiness for both pre-tests and their forthcoming 11+ Common Entrance Exams in January of Year 6.

How Libra Education fits in 

  • We provide a free consultation to discuss how we can best support your child. This can include an assessment of current ability.

  • Our Summer residential at the end of Year 5 aims to build on your child's subject knowledge, confidence, and introduce your child to exam techniques specific to 11+.

  • In September of Year 6, we can work with you and your child in arranging and attending school visits which are often a prerequisite to the school admissions process.

  • From October of Year 6, we will build on exam technique and begin bespoke coaching based on your child's requirements at that time and focus on the upcoming pre-tests as well as the forthcoming January exams.

  • At the start of January of Year 6, our Christmas residential aims to fine tune the learning and development undertaken so far and to make sure your child is ready for their exams in the coming weeks.


The ISEB Common Pre-Test in October or November of Year 6 is the first challenge to overcome. The test takes the form of an online cognitive assessment in English (25 minutes), Maths (50 minutes), Verbal Reasoning (36 minutes) and Non-Verbal Reasoning (32 minutes). This test is designed to be a summary of a student's ability and can be taken once during the year at either a child’s current school or a local exam centre.
Based on the results of the ISEB Test, students are invited to sit a school’s entrance exam in the Lent Term of Year 6. Assessment days include a written or online exam in English, maths and verbal reasoning, a short interview and a set of group activities. Most offers of a place will then be made or declined by the end of the Summer Term of Year 6.
Schools may offer their own unique ways of assessing prospective students. For more information on each particular school, please contact us; we would be happy to answer your questions as well as undertake any research necessary.


We understand that drilling students with rehearsed template answers to questions is detrimental to their application. As such, we focus on preparing the student by discussing the format of the conversation and how to present themselves with confidence and ease in responding calmly, clearly and cogently. The interview is often the defining factor in an application. As such, preparation for the interview is essential to ensuring the student is ready and able to succeed in their application. 

For more information on how we can support your child's admissions process, or for a free tailored copy of the above timeline, please contact us now.