Our Ethos

We provide impartial advice, bespoke private tuition and mentoring for students of all ages and abilities. With a presence in London, across the UK and worldwide, whether face-to-face or online, we are able to help all students no matter where they're based.

Our tutors are exceptional educators. They are qualified teachers with years of experience or subject experts with unique knowledge. What links them all is a passion for education; we believe in coaching students to perform to the best of their ability while encouraging explorative learning and free thinking. Our tutors and students are supported by educational consultants who assess current attainment and advise on bespoke learning plans to further their progress.

Whether it be for a helping hand with homework, guidance on applying to university or a refresher course in English & Maths, our local academic experts can guide your child’s learning from the comfort of your own home.  


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key dates

The key to success is early planning and preparation.  To succeed in securing a place at your preferred school or university, you not only have to be highly competent in your subject areas, but you also have to be able to articulate ideas and exude confidence in your abilities.  Being properly informed and organised is essential to this endeavour and this is where Libra Education's expertise is invaluable.    

For key educational dates, please see our main calendar.

To help organise your journey to success, we have provided timelines so that you or your child can keep track of each stage of education.  Each timeline also provides a helpful insight into where Libra Education's services may complement your journey.  


Our Educators

Working with exceptional educators is at the heart of everything we do.
To view our tutors along with their qualifications and experience, follow the link below.


To help students master their learning and fulfil their true potential as independent scholars, we have provided a selection of resources for students to challenge themselves and develop their skills as an independent learner. This is central to our ethos of

These resources are split into sections for English & Maths and encompass guidance sheets, examples and past papers for 11+, 13+ and GCSE.

All resources are free to download and use. Once you have signed up for our resources, you have lifetime access to all present and future Libra Education resources.  Please click below for more details.



We run a unique educational residential program that is personally curated to meet the needs and aspirations of each student. It is an academically challenging course for students from ages 8-18. Students work on a one to one basis with tutors who have excellent academic backgrounds and real teaching experience.

We always follow-up with our students throughout the year and our tutors support our students on an ad hoc basis in the lead up to interviews and exams following successful completion of our residential programs. This unique setup means that our courses are not standalone bursts of learning that end abruptly.  Our students get to capitalise on the relationships they have built with their tutors and will have continued access to them and Libra Education’s learning resources, for as long as the individual student requires.

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