Creating Well-Rounded Students

Tuition has become a staple part of the education for students across the world. Half of London's students receive regular tuition to supplement their studies. The variety of subjects, from Maths to Music and Science to Singing, varies almost as much as the approach you can take. Some tutors are motivated by exam results and technique whilst others tutor for the love of the subject. There is a time and a place for both but how can you be sure to get it right for your child? Furthermore how can you be sure that what is learned during a tuition is retained and put to good use?

Education is what remains after
one has forgotten what one learned at school
— Albert Einstein

Oscar and Sonia established Libra Tutors to deliver an exceptional educational service to all students with a focus on creating a well-round student. They believe that you must strike a balance between the necessary exam results and embedding a deep understanding of a subject and an approach to learning. To that end Libra Tutors have worked with qualified teachers and professional tutors to develop a brand of education that delivers results now and creates a platform to achieve later as well. Is it tempting to be consumed by exams and work tirelessly towards each milestone quickly forgetting what was achieved to get to the last. There is a further risk that students become dependent on tutors and that at some stage will be 'found out' as it is commonly put when they reach university. It is important that tuition is delivered in a way that produces an approach to learning that students understand and can reproduce on their own.

Libra Tutors works with educators that agree with this philosophy. At it's most basic level it means encouraging students to work independently to compile notes and research their interests whilst acting as a sounding board for their ideas whilst showing them how to adopt their ideas to achieve top grades. Going further, this approach is about creating a well-rounded student that can apply the same hardwork, consideration and reflection used in their tutorials to situations outside of academia. Knowledge may fade after an exam but a good ethos will serve a student well long after. This consistency of approach breeds confidence and is the same ethos of many top educational institutions.

Before tutorials can be delivered the first step is to identify the best tutor. All our tutors are highly qualified and have been interviewed personally to ensure they are academically capable and passionate educators. Oscar and Sonia have from strived from the offset to work openly, collaboratively with parents to understand what the students goals and how to work best to achieve them. Libra Tutors's educational consultants are available to meet with students to assess their current level and assist with the planning of programs of learning. Libra Tutors will always offer a choice of two tutors that match the criteria suggested by students, parents and consultants to ensure that the final choice is in your hands.

As situations change and students develop they may need different support from their tutor. Libra Tutors is on hand at every stage to advise on future development goals and to ensure that tutors are delivering on the promise of delivery exceptional education. If different tutors are required then the uniform approach across tutors ensures continuity for students.