May Half-Term Residential Camp

As our latest residential camp has drawn to a close, we wish our students the very best of luck as with their summer exams. Having learnt from expert tutors in bespoke sessions, our students are now prepared to succeed in their examinations and have devised excellent applications to study at prestigious schools and universities. Our Oxbridge style tutorials ensured every student is now better prepared and able to meet the challenges of exams before continuing to thrive in academia.

“The priority at all times is the students. We want them to be safe and happy. We also ensure that they have the perfect platform to get great exam results.” Oscar Hardy, CEO

Road to success

Once approved, each student receives a tailored course of learning prepared by our educational consultants. This is informed by feedback gathered from the student and their teachers, ensuring that each session is focused on the specific area that the student needs to improve. As such, we always encourage our students to share their questions on the topics they find most difficult.

Our tutors are all subject specialists with years of teaching experience. They understand the format and content of each examination paper that students will face; they can impart, in a clear and simple manner, the requisite skills and knowledge for each exam. They use a wide range of Libra Tutors resources to provide students with multiple methods of achieving this goal. They also deepen understanding and ability through active reflection with the student; tutors will provide exemplar answers and mark schemes, demonstrating to students the necessary steps to achieve success in their examinations.

Daily Structure

Each morning has consisted of 3.5 - 4 hours of intense tuition in a one-to-one or seminar format. During these sessions, our students have analysed Shakespearean texts with English professors, calculated responses to challenging conundrums in Maths & Physics with university trained engineers, redrafted personal applications for university with Oxbridge Alumni, rehearsed for interviews with prestigious education institutions and trained with teachers to accomplish their examinations with confidence.

We exclusively use Oxbridge style tutorials which enables students to pose and answer key questions during in-depth discussions with expert educators. During seminars, students benefit from understanding the approach of other students while in one-to-one sessions, students develop their own reasoning through the informed guidance of their tutor. This provides a thorough and precise platform to achieve the best possible results. Our students always consider themselves more confident and able to succeed after developing refined responses to challenging questions with their tutors. This improves confidence and increases performance during examinations.

Student Outcomes

“I felt much more confident about my Maths exam after learning with Libra Tutors” David, student

We guide students in developing a prepared mindset for academia by explaining the application process and its challenges to them in a clear and helpful manner. Our tutors lead students in redrafting their personal statement, understanding how to present themselves professionally and how to respond calmly and courteously during university application interviews. When creating excellent university applications, tutors develop student self-belief in answering why they are the prime candidate for their chosen institution. Throughout the application process, our tutors are always on hand to allay your fears and improve your chances at success.

“Victor helped me develop a great personal statement on why I wanted to study Pharmacy at Cambridge.” Sandy, student

We help our students become motivated learners who independently research and study. We show them how to use new methods to research, revise and remember. Developing the ability to structure and adapt your own learning is what students find most helpful through their residential studies. We guide students to become reflective learners and develop self-discipline in the pursuit of their goals. This shift in learning style serves students long after excellent exam results by giving them the tools to achieve their ambitions as well as a fresh perspective on their education and future career.

“Libra Tutors has given me better ways to study.” Lina, Student

We are always keen to make our residentials as unique and enjoyable for students as possible. We provide activities to reward students after a hard day of studying; these leisure activities incentivise our students to work hard so they can enjoy their free time. During this May half-term residential, we led trips throughout London, scheduled extra tuition and organised student-led competitions.

If you are interested in finding out more and taking part in our next residential, please find details of our upcoming residential camps here.