Wellington College

Wellington College, Berkshire

Students: 1100

Founded: 1856

Day and Boarding from 13 to 18 years old


Famous Alumnus: George Orwell

Wellington College is a truly unique school that produces students that hold intellectual curiosity and a strong sense of independence. As well as academics, sport, art and music hold particular importance here.

60% of A Level grades received by students are an A or A*. Wellington also offers the IB, a broad course that requires students to continue to study a diverse range of subjects. With an average score of 39.3/45 Wellington achieves some of the best IB results in the world.

The school is a member of the Rugby Group, which includes Harrow, Radley, Shrewsbury, and Winchester, and is also a member of the G20 Schools group. The Good Schools Guide calls the school "a serious player in the field of education". With school fees of up to £39,750 per annum, Wellington College is considered to be one of the country's most prestigious schools. It is also famously strong in all kinds of sports, frequently winning large national competitions.