Residential Camps


We run a unique educational residential program that is personally curated to meet the needs and aspirations of each student. It is an academically challenging course for students from ages 8-18. Students work on a one-to-one basis with tutors who have excellent academic backgrounds and extensive teaching experience. Residential camps run for 9 days during UK term breaks and are a chance for students to master new ways to study and learn.

We encourage students to take the lead in their studies, make a judgement on their own abilities, and to play an active role in deciding their areas of focus. The sessions in our residential program follow an Oxbridge Tutorial style. In other words, students will be encouraged and supported to work independently before and after tutorials. During the tutorials, they will present their work and ideas before being stretched and challenged by our expert tutors. This style of learning differs from the instruction methods students are accustomed to; it inspires students to take the initiative and develop their study skills as independent scholars while being supported and challenged by academic professionals.

After each residential programme, we continue to support students throughout the academic year as our tutors prepare our students on an ad hoc basis to face their interviews and exams with confidence. This unique program of learning means that our courses are not isolated episodes of learning that end abruptly. Instead, our students capitalise on the relationships they have built with their tutors as well as their continued access to Libra Education’s learning resources, for as long as each individual student requires.


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From impending exams, to school interviews and University applications, our consultants work with you to create a course with specialist tutors to achieve the development goals set by yourself and the students. During their stay, students will work with each other to push their understanding whilst our tutors and mentors stimulate academic debate.

Students will have the opportunity to take part in seminars that go beyond standard tuition by teaching students how to learn, research and revise independently. This prepares them for working at university level effectively as they develop the self-discipline to master their own learning. We know that this is what sets apart great students from competent ones.



Please register your interest using the form below. We assess all students who express an interest in participating in our residentials to ensure that the students will benefit from academically challenging tutorial based learning. It also allows our tutors ample time to plan appropriate bespoke sessions.

The deadline for applications is 2-3 weeks prior to the start of a residential and discounts are available for early applications.