Senior Residentials


Our Residentials are tailored for the students' needs on a one to one basis. However, each Residential, whether it be Summer, Christmas, Easter or a half term, has a general goal which many students will be working towards. Senior students that work with us generally fall into one of two categories; either they will be working towards end of year exams such as GCSEs or A Levels, or they will be preparing for an application to a top school or University.  Whatever their goal, we work with students to ensure they build their knowledge, confidence and in addition their ability to work independently after the residential.

Our Educators are renowned for their ability to engage students and inculcate a passion for learning. Between them they have decades of experience working with students across all entrance exam formats. Alongside our educational consultants, they will form a bespoke plan for the duration of the residential and beyond. Our educators are expert interview coaches and many of our students have gone on to receive Oxbridge university offers, School scholarships and top end of year grades. You can read more about how we support your child over the course of their application or subject tuition.

However, our Residentials are about more than first class exam results All our students leave us with a developed interest in learning and a better understanding of how they learn. We look to create well-rounded students who can work independently and enthusiastically but know when to ask for help. This is one of the core values that our sessions are structured to achieve.

Key Information


These are academic residentials. Students will be working on their nominated subjects with dedicated Educators on a one-to-one basis or in small groups to help encourage debate and memorable learning opportunities.

We quickly identify areas of improvement and subsequently work with students to target these. We assess students at regular intervals to ensure the methods used are working for them. This impact can be seen in the weeks after a residential as students use their adopted mindset to hone their ability further. We will continue to support your child after the residential to apply these new skills and techniques.

Due to the demands of the course, only the best students are accepted. As students will be working in groups, it is important that all students are able take part in challenging conversation and debate. Please register your interest with an application form here and one of our consultants will be in touch within 24 hours.

Our Easter and Summer residentials are held in Cambridge. This affords us access to amazing space and Educators from the University of Cambridge. Students on these residential invariably enjoy the uniqueness of the city and the opportunity to live in the heart of a historic location of UK learning. Our other residentials are held in West London. We use a select number of local boarding houses for students with a private room for each student. As well as having access to high-quality Educators, students have the added benefit of the huge array of education opportunities available in London.

Who are the Educators?
The Educators we work with are professional teachers and tutors who are accustomed to aiding students on the next strep of their educational journey. The vast majority of our educators have teaching degrees or are full-time tutors with a passion for education. What all our Educators have in common is a shared approach to creating well-rounded students who can apply what they learn in one tutorial to their future studies.

All Residentials are overseen by our CEO Oscar Hardy. As a Cambridge graduate who has run residential courses at Eton College, he is well placed to deliver fantastic courses of targeted learning. The maximum student:Educator ratio is 5:1. Each group will have a Residential supervisor responsible for the students' wellbeing, happiness and overall educational progress. The Educators are the same great teachers and tutors that we work with throughout the year so we know they share our high standards and beliefs. They will be available after Residentials to continue your child's learning with the trust they have established.

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Daily Structure

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Fees and Scholarships


Libra Education firmly believes in equal access to education. Founders Oscar and Sonia have both benefitted from full academic bursaries throughout their education. and with Sonia having graduated from Teach First Oscar has worked extensively to better the lives of young people while Sonia is a graduate and ambassador for the charity Teach First. As qualified teachers, they believe that every student, no matter what their background, should have access to the same exceptional educators.

We work with schools and individuals to support students with a full range of academic endeavours from entrances exams, to GCSEs and through to university applications.

We have a limited number of scholarships available every year with students given access to bespoke support. If you think you might be eligible, please contact us today to find out more details about how you can apply.



Please register your interest using the form below. We assess all students who express an interest in participating in our residentials to ensure that the students will benefit from academically challenging tutorial based learning. It also allows our tutors ample time to plan appropriate bespoke sessions.

The deadline for applications is 2-3 weeks prior to the start of a residential and discounts are available for early applications.

Course Dates and Objectives

All the dates are the maximum days that the Residential will run for and while many students join us for the entirety, students are welcome for 3 days or more.



  • 2018 Dates: 30th March - 15th April

  • Objectives

    • Bespoke academic support for students

    • Support for students' end of year exams

  • Application deadline: 25th March

May Half

  • 2018 Dates: 25th May - 3rd June

  • Objectives

    • Bespoke academic support for international students

  • Application deadline: 4th May


  • 2018 Dates: 12th August - 2nd September

  • Objectives

    • Prepare UK and International students to go back to school

    • Support students in year 5 begin to prepare for their 11+ exams

    • Support students in year 6 and 7 to prepare for their 13+ exams

  • Application deadline: 15th July

October Half

  • 2018 Dates: 20th October - 4th November

  • Objectives

    • Bespoke academic support for international students

    • Support for students taking the November 13+

  • Application deadline: 29th September


  • 2018 Dates: 2nd - 7th January

  • Objectives

    • Final preparation for Year 6 students preparing for 11+ exams

    • Final preparation for Year 8 students preparing for 13+ exams

  • Application deadline: 12th December

February Half

  • 2019 Dates: 15th - 24th February

  • Objectives

    • Bespoke academic support for international students

  • Application deadline: 19th January